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WordPress is one of the most accessible, manageable, and simple-to-use Content Management Systems (CMS). It can be the face of a blog, corporate website, or magazine. The feasibility to extend the CMS solution in a limitless way is what makes WordPress CMS so popular. With tons of themes, useful plugins, and extensive support.

We have listed the top 10 essential WordPress plugins for your WordPress site that can take your website to the next level, here are the WordPress Plugins:

1. SiteGround Optimizer

This plugin helps you rank higher on google and overall gives users a better experience on your website with faster load speeds, an efficient and more optimized website.

Note : SiteGround optimizer only work if you have SiteGround as your host

it takes a link that is very large and ugly and makes it a nice link, it also tracks the clicks. Of course, there is a free version and a paid version.

The benefits of paid version you can resdirect based on geography. so if you have a differnet link depending on where somebody you can redirect them automatically.

3. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO helps you rank on Google, it gives you a lot of tools to help your search engine optimization (SEO).

4. WooCommerce

if you’re looking to turn your WordPress site into an online store WooCommerce is a great plug-in that gives you the entire tools for your website to build an online store.

5. Elementor

it is the easiest where you just install the plug-in and allows you to have a drag and drop builder for any page and any post, there’s a lot of flexibility with Elementor with no coding.

It is very similar to Squarespace and Wix and it just makes it so easy.

6. Smush

it strips the metadata from your images or enables lazy load, if you are not a photographer then the metadata on your images might not need it so when they load your website, can load it a lot faster.

7. Wordfence

it is a firewall for your WordPress website and a lot of people don’t think about this because they don’t realize how many people are actually trying to attack your website

8. WPForms

This is an easy way to manage forms on your website and customize them any way you want

9. Monster Insights

it makes it very easy to set up google analytics, it also shows you those analytics in your WordPress dashboard

we highly recommend setting up google search console 

10. Constant Contact

Whether you’re launching an email marketing campaign to engage customers, building an awesome website in minutes, uploading products to your online store, generating awareness on social media, or boosting sales with Google Ads, we have all the tools and guidance you need to achieve the results you want, all in one place

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