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Best SEO Plugins for WordPress

If you have a WordPress site, there are several plugins that you can install that will really help you. This list of the best SEO plugins for WordPress.

1. Yoast SEO


Yoast SEO is one of the most popular WordPress SEO plugins, with over five million active installs to date.

What can you do with that? Many things.

  • Create an XML sitemap
  • Check your site in Webmaster Tools (Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, etc.)
  • Exclude (“noindex”) certain types of content from being indexed in search engine results (eg categories, tags, media pages)
  • Create title and meta description templates
  • Optimize your AMP pages.
Yoast adds a meta SEO box to all posts and pages. 

2. Rank Math

rank math

Rank Math allows you to manage all of your on-page SEO needs for each type of content on your website. This WordPress plugin is very effective because it is integrated with Google Search Console, so you can see all the important information directly from your WordPress administrative panel.

Rank Math also allows you to manage meta tags for things like:

  • noindex
  • nofollow
  • noarchive

This WordPress plugin will tell you what keywords you are ranking for and will also show you how many impressions you are getting in various searches.

Rank Math also identifies the errors that Google sees on your site. All this information is easy to access, read, and summarize.

Additionally, Rank Math has features for:

  • XML Sitemaps
  • Rich Shards
  • Internal link recommendations
  • 404 Monitoring
  • Redirects
  • Local SEO
  • Image SEO

Rank Brain is definitely one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress.

3. All in one SEO

Since its launch in 2007, this WordPress plugin has provided webmasters with an easy-to-use solution for many SEO-related challenges.

The key features of the All in One SEO Pack include:

  • XML sitemap and Google Analytics support.
  • Automatic title optimization for all search engines.
  • Automatic generation of META tags.
  • It helps avoid duplicate content, which can have a negative impact on search engine rankings.
  • Ability to override any setting.

Overall, the All in One SEO Pack gives you the control you want.

The Broken Link Checker looks for broken links on your site, both internal and external.

If it finds any it will provide the HTTP status code (eg 404, 410), the anchor text, and the link source. This makes it easier to find and correct.

Since the plugin runs in the background all the time, it can continually check for broken links and alert you via email in case of a popup.

But perhaps the best feature is that you can fix the links with a few clicks and in bulk.

It also reports 301 redirects and there is also an option to fix those in bulk, replacing the redirect link with the final destination URL.

5. SEO Squirrly

SEO Squirrly was developed specifically for people who are not SEO experts.

Other plugins have different ways to access and implement SEO suggestions, but SEO Squirrly takes it to the next level. Take a look at its live SEO assistant feature.

SEO Squirrly was developed specifically for people who are not SEO experts.

It has different ways to access and implement SEO suggestions, but SEO Squirrly takes it to the next level.

You just need to enter the desired keyword that you are trying to rank in the article you are writing.

As you type, the green lights and pop-up suggestions will appear in real-time, explaining how you can insert this keyword into your content.

Imagine having an SEO expert on your shoulder as you type, that’s what you get with SEO Squirrly.

The content report is another great ideal resource if you outsourcing writers or using multiple writers in your business to produce content.

These reports provide authors with additional SEO information based on what they have written.

SEO Squirrly also has a tool to analyze the content of your competitors, so you can find ways to beat your pages. You can also follow your progress weekly.

Strategy Assistant (the mechanism that powers the entire focus pages section). Squirrly SEO not only provides new functionality but also introduces a new SEO experience, offering users a step-by-step structure to rank their businesses through Focus pages.

6. ShortPixel


The short pixel compresses and optimizes images on your website.

Since images are generally the slowest files to load when a web user visits the site, image optimization can have a very positive effect on page speed, which is a ranking factor as of 2010.

It will automatically optimize and display the images you upload in the future.

It works with JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF documents. There is an option to convert to WebP, although that seems a bit hit and miss currently.

For existing images, there is a massive image optimizer. Run this and it will optimize all the images that are already on your site, according to your settings.
Shortpixel offers 100 free credits per month.

7. All In One Schema Rich Snippets


All In One Schema Rich Snippets will enhance the way your pages are displayed in search engine results with rich snippets.

This popular design markup plugin can help you add elements like:

  • videos
  • News
  • Income
  • Events
  • Persons
  • products
  • News

Rich snippets benefit all sites but are especially important for e-commerce sites. There are many steps that users don’t have to take to read a product review. You can see the number of stars on the search engine results page. Adding rich snippets will tell search engines exactly what information to include in search results.

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