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Here are the top 50 macOS terminal commands you need to know

First How do you launch a terminal?

Hit the command key and space bar.

50 macOS terminal commands

Command 1: say


you can make talk right from the terminal, just write say and whatever you want to say

Command 2: security find-generic-password -wa

 security find-generic-password -wa “name you wifi”

you can find your saved password from the terminal

Command 3: phcopy 

this code will copy the output of any command to your clipboard 

Command 4: you need to copy plain text without formatting 

command + option + shift + v

Command 5: caffeinate


as long as your terminal is up, your mac will stay awake 

then hit control C to stop the coffee break

Command 6 : command + shift + 3

command + shift + 3

Taking screenshots that’s cool, but you have another option 

command + shift + 4 which allow you to 

select just a part of what you want to copy and save it

Command 7: defaults write com.apple.screencapture name

defaults write com.apple.screencapture name “name”

You can change the default name of your screenshot 

Command 8: type

You can change the default type of your screenshot 

defaults write com.apple.screencapture type jpg

Command 9: location

You can change the default location of your screenshot 

defaults write com.apple.screencapture location ~/Desktop/screenshot

Command 10: passwd


To change your password

Command 11: cd


CD will change your current working directory

type CD where you were to go 

CD space to get back home

Command 12: ls


The LS command will list all the files of folders in your directory

wherever you are

command 13: PWD


PWD let’s find out where you are, it will print your working directory

Command 14: whom


this command tells you exactly who you are

Command 15: mv


You can move files with MV command specifying our files and where you want to move it 

Command 16: cp


This command to copy files

Command 17: ditto


it is the same as the cp command

Command 18: df -h

df -h

This command to see how much space you have on your hard drive

Command 19: nano


Start editing a file right in your terminal

Command 20: man


to learn about your command and get more information

Command 21: Open


To open things and files

Command 22: ping


Write ping and name of the website if you get responses then it up and control C to stop it

Command 23: ifconfig en0

ifconfig en0

To find your IP address

Command 24: ifconfig en0 | grep net

 ifconfig en0 | grep net

which allows us to filter all that we want to see

Command 24: ifconfig en0 | grep net | awk

ifconfig en0 | grep net | awk

you get IP v4 and IP v6

Command 26: traceroute website name


to see the path through the internet that takes to get you to a certain website

Command 27: dig

dig website name

You will get all the DNS

Command 28: ps -ax

ps -ax

to see all the processes on your computer

Command 29: top

top -o rsize(for memory)

see which processes are using the most CPU in realtime

Command 30: kill


It will kill a running process

Command 31: which $SHELL

which $SHELL

to see what type of shell we use

Command 32: bash


to switch bash 

Command 32: zsh


Back to zsh shell

Command 34: uptime


to find out how long your mac has been up?

Command 35: killall mDNSResponder

killall mDNSResponder

to flush your DNS cash

Command 36: qlmanage

qlmanage -p filename

to get a quick preview of the file

Command 37: diff

diff file1 file2

To compare two files

Command 38: curl

curl url > where you want to store

to download files through terminal 

also, you can curl the weather by

 curl wttr.in/paris

Command 39: leave

leave 12:45

if you’re spending too much time in the terminal you can set an alarm in your terminal 

Command 40: History


to see all your command because you’ve been typing a lot of commands

Command 41: disable gatekeeper

sudo spctl —master-disable to  disable gatekeeper

The thing on your mac that keeps you from installing apps you want to install

command brew The Missing Package Manager for macOS (or Linux)

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/HEAD/install.sh)"

Command 42: brew install cmatrix

brew install cmatrix

after installing type cmatrix

Command 43: brew install asciiquarium

brew install asciiquarium

after installation type asciiquarium

command 45: brew install toilet

brew install toilet

You can turn any name, or text into ASCII character art like toilet whatever 

Command 46: Tetris

brew install samtay/tui/tetris

yes, you can play Tetris in terminal

Command 47: python 3

python 3 -m http.server

and suddenly you have a little web server 

Command 48: shutdown

you can shutdown your computer without leaving your terminal 

shutdown -h now (shutdown)
shutdown -r now (restart)

Command 50: Sudo touch id

sudo nano /etc/pam.d/sudo

after the file open add this line 

auth sufficient pam_tid.so 


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