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The future of digital identity could also be nearer than we tend to think. With NFT and crypto monikers changing into 2021, Unbeatable Domains is about to expand distinctive user identification across the metaverse.

What are NFTs?

A non-fungible token (NFT) as it is more commonly known as a way to track and value unique digital media.

It is essentially a digital version of a tangible collector’s item typically stored in a digital wallet or blockchain.

In the same way, you’d collect physical art, a buyer might collect the requisite digital files of online content. 

What are NFT Domains?

NFT Domains are new web extensions (like .com or .info) released as smart contracts on public blockchains. The domain names typically end in phrases such as .crypto, .nft, .wallet, .bitcoin, .x, .dao, .888, .blockchain, .coin, or .zil.

Domains start at $20 and can go highest to thousands of dollars, depending on the length and desirability of the name. Some of these NFTs have sold for $100,000 apiece. 

NFT Domains are stored in your wallet, much like a cryptocurrency, no third party can take them away. Pay once, and you own the domain for life, with no renewal fees.

Self-custody is one of the maximum essential capabilities of an NFT Domain. This is what makes your area decentralized – This is what offers you entire management over your area!

This custody technique offers your NFT Domain “superpowers” that conventional domain names do now no longer have.

Due to the self-custody nature of your blockchain domain:

  • Can not be seized by a third party.
  • Can enable decentralized websites.
  • It can be transferred around the world in seconds without needing permission from any third party.
  • It gives the owner sole control and access to domain management features – adding crypto addresses and pointing content to your domain.

Domains come to the Polygon network

These domains can be used to simplify crypto payments by replacing complicated wallet addresses with usernames.

Where to buy .nft domain

All the control of the domain names is through Smart Contract and so as to write or carry out any changes, transfers, allow or disable features, etc, it would require a signature and a transaction from the pockets deal with proudly owning the domain. If you try to manage a domain with a different wallet, you would simply get an error message asking you to sign the transaction with the correct wallet.

Unstoppable Domains has no control of your domains after they are minted and cannot block or restrict any access to the domain, You own the private keys of the wallet storing your domain and nobody will be able to take your domain, website, or content settings away from you. 

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